DU Meter 4,01

DU Meter 4,01 sudah menyediakan kompatibilitas pembaruan untuk Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1 dan Windows Server 2008, serta perbaikan untuk berbagai masalah yg ditemukan sejak rilis versi 4.0.
Update ini adalah gratis untuk semua saat ini pengguna DU Meter 4,0.
rilis di versi 4,01 adalah:

* Numerous issues in DU Meter service fixed, resulting in more robust startup and automatic restart of the service if needed.
* Failure to start in DU Meter monitor has been resolved.
* Several issues related to backup and restore functions are corrected.
* Stopwatch overflow on large data transfers corrected.
* Several instances of DU Meter on taskbar - fixed.
* Export of reports was missing last day or hour in some cases - fixed.
* Numerous speed optimizations for lower CPU consumption.
* Interference with DU Meter startup options if running on Vista with DU Meter sidebar enabled is fixed.
* Incorrect resizing of very small or very large DU Meter windows is fixed.
* Modified service dependency for faster startup.
* Dial-Up/VPN connection time on Vista was incorrect - fixed.
* Compatibility updates for Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3.
* Compatibility updates for Windows Server 2008.